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Dallas Stars Elite Alum Nominated for Hobey Baker Award

T1EHL congratulates Dallas Stars Elite alumni, Hank Crone, on his nomination for the Hobey Baker Award.

Head coaches of NCAA Division I schools nominate the top three players in their league and the top three players in the nation.

There are four criteria against which nominees for the Hobey Baker Memorial Award are considered:

-Strength of character, on and off the ice.

-Contribution to the integrity of the team and outstanding skills in all phases of the game.

-Scholastic achievement and sportsmanship.

-Compliance with all NCAA rules, including being a full-time student in an accredited college or university and completing 50 percent or more of the season.

Congrats to Crone and all of the other nominees! To vote, please create an account here: https://hobeybaker.com/awards/vote-for-hobey/?fbclid=IwAR0E5iqrtP5w8WMwZvI2S656UHp70kKQsBjLLjuu5aspGh819j3wwuj55NQ


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