Tier 1 Elite Hockey League

16U Champions – Victory Honda


In the 6th overtime, the Victory Honda U16’s clenched the win, keeping the Dallas Stars Elite from a repeat of their 2023 title. Congratulations to Victory Honda Hockey, the 2024 Tier 1 Elite Hockey League U16 Playoff Champions!!

The championship game between the Stars and the Victory Honda was the culmination of a fantastic weekend of hockey. The Stars led by one at the midway resurfacing point, making it a tight and exciting period and a half of gameplay. After some intense play action, Honda found itself trailing by 1 with a minute to go in the 3rd when they made a bang-bang play, rebound, and tied it all up.

OT was rife with excitement, chances on both sides and some seriously big saves propelled the game to the 6th overtime, where Honda popped one past the Stars tender, cinching the title.

These teams pushed the envelope and gave the crowd something to stand on edge for, making this an incredible conclusion to an exceptional weekend of play. Congratulations to both teams on an excellent season, and a fantastic conclusion to a hard-played weekend!

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